Free Dance Classes at NGC

Free Dance Classes at NGC

Tuesdays January 17th - March 21st from 7-9pm at Northwest Gospel Church (NGC) located directly across the street from Costco on 192nd.

305 NE 192nd Ave Vancouver WA 98684

“I have two left feet”, “I have no rhythm”, “I am not a dancer”, “I don’t have a partner”, these are some of the many mental roadblocks that get in our way. When you join our classes, you will find that you have two perfect feet, great rhythm, and you'll be on your way to becoming a proficient social dancer.

In this session we will teach a Disco/Hustle/Swing style dance called the 4-Count Hustle. If you are a couple or married, this is a perfect date night. If you are single and looking to meet others or just to engage with friends, this is a great social event for you. Learn lifelong dancing skills, social dance etiquette, join a fun and friendly culture, meet new friends from your community, get a great workout, and have a great time. 

This is a FREE event for 18 and over, and you must sign a waiver.

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