DJ Bradley's Spotify Playlists and Practice Music

DJ Bradley's Spotify Playlists and Practice Music 

Spotify is a FREE music library that you can use to follow a playlist or create your own. Please feel free to follow my public playlists that are categorized by dance genres.

As you start learning a wide variety of dances, you will want to practice at home or just turn on the music and have a blast at home. I have taken the liberty of creating dance playlists for you. 

Argentine Tango: Classic Argentine Tango music

Argentine Tango Electronica: This style adds a house beat to the classic songs

Argentine Tango Valses: This style has a ¾ timing such as the Viennese Waltz does

Bachata: Classics, modern, slow, and quick tempos. They are all mixed in this playlist

Bolero: A Rhythm dance, this playlist has classic slow boleros perfect for practice and competition

Cha Cha (Rhythm Latin): These Cha-Cha’s are used for Rhythm (medium tempos) and Latin (faster tempos)

Cha Cha (Slow) (Rhythm Latin): This playlist includes classic songs but are slower in tempo and perfect for practice

Cha Cha (Country): All these cha cha’s have a country sound to them and are slower in tempo

Night Club Two Step (Country): Country style with a slow, quick, quick beat that is smoother in nature than the rhythmical style

East Coast Swing (Country): East Coast Swing country is danced at a bit quicker tempo than its rhythm counterpart

Triple Two (Country): This unique dance has slow and sultry music

Two Step (Country): This country playlist has many different tempos

Waltz (Country): This country Waltz playlist has many different sounds 

West Coast Swing (Country): West Coast Swing covers many genres, but this playlist is country based

East Coast Swing: Rock and Roll, Pop music, practice and competition are included 

East Coast Swing (Single Time Swing): This style of East Coast Swing is much quicker in tempo

Fox Trot (Smooth): This style is quicker in tempo and can be used for competition or society tempo

Fox Trot (Slow) (Smooth Standard): These Fox Trots are slower and are good for practice or Standard dancing

Jive (Latin): This style is very fast and can also be used for Single time Swing/Jitterbug dancing

Hustle (Syncopated New York Style): Slower classic Hustle with the &1, 2, 3 rhythm count

Hustle (Four Step): Also known as 4-count Hustle, this style is faster and includes the 1,2,3,4 house beats

Merengue: The national dance of the Dominican Republic, this playlist has various tempos

Mambo: Mambo music with strong Clave beats and classic songs

Night Club Two Step (Rhythm): Rhythmical songs with quick, quick, slow beats

Paso Doble (Latin): These pieces are perfect for competition and of course, includes Espana Cani

Polka (Country): Great country Polkas; no classic polkas

Quickstep (Standard): This playlist has a variety of Quicksteps that you might not have heard

Rumba (Rhythm): This playlist has a faster tempo Rumbas that are perfect for social and competition dancing

Rumba (Latin): Slower Rumba songs perfect for Latin and can also be used to practice Rhythm Rumba

Salsa: Amazing Salsa songs from classics to newer releases

Salsa (Slow): Salsa by nature is not slow but this playlist includes slower songs that are ideal for practice

Samba (Latin): This collection is for Ballroom Samba, not Samba danced at Carnival

Tango (Smooth Standard): Classic Ballroom Tangos with a strong percussion beat

Waltz (Smooth Standard): Beautiful Waltzes with medium tempos that are perfect for social and competition dancing

West Coast Swing (Contemporary): The most versatile of all the musical genres, this playlist has a wide variety of WCS music

West Coast Swing (Slow): It is always good to practice new material to slower music. This playlist gives a lot of slow options

Viennese Waltz (Smooth Standard): Ballroom and Contemporary songs that are quick and fun

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