Lauren Montoya
Dance Instructor

 In 2009, Lauren attended an outdoor dance event Bradley created in Oakland California called “Dancing Under the Stars”. Before long, she became his student at his school. Lauren's first event was an in-house showcase where she and Bradley danced the American Tango. It was a success and thus began her competitive dance journey. In 2010 Lauren attended her very first dance competition in Las Vegas NV, winning all her dances and never looking back. Over the years Lauren competed in various locations such as Honolulu, HI, San Francisco, CA, Seattle, WA, Los Angeles, CA, Dallas, TX, Las Vegas, NV, Portland, OR, Orlando, FL, Nashville, TN, Phoenix, AZ and even internationally to Canada, Cuba, and Argentina.

After years of competing with professionals, Bradley decided that the best way to truly enjoy dancing is to professionally dance with his wife Lauren as equals. That decision was the best for both as it made each better dancers and better partners. Since then, Lauren has been teaching alongside Bradley in private lessons, classes, workshops and even performed and competed as professionals at regional and World Championships.

It all starts with taking the very first step. From a beginning newcomer to professional dancer, Lauren understands the journey and is excited to meet you on the floor and help you along your path.

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