Bradley Montoya
Account Executive/Broker

I started my career with State Farm Insurance in California and then Allstate Insurance in Washington State. Being an exclusive agent and having only one product to provide did not serve my clients or my agency well, hence the reason Lauren and I decided to become insurance brokers. Opening our brokerage was the best decision we could have made.

Today we work with over 80 carriers and have products for every buyer. As platinum brokers we regularly find policies that are the lowest in premium and have fantastic coverage - the best policies offered in the state!

If you are a new home buyer, getting a refinance on your property, up for renewal or simply want me to review your policy and want the best policy you can get in the state, reach out to me so I can help properly protect you and your family. 

By clicking the link you can access my Digital Agent. Input your information and instantly get the top rates available to you in the entire state. This will allow you to compare your current policy with other options available to you. Your information will not be shared or sold to any third party, nor will you get inundated with calls from insurance agents trying to sell you insurance.

I will follow up to confirm your information. As a discount specialist, I will also take advantage of all possible discounts, make sure you meet all underwriting requirements, customize your policy to fit your family’s needs, bind your policy and send it over to the lender.

WA: 1003380 OR: 18987849 CA: 0M71521 AZ: 1898749

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