Dance Lessons

Dance Lessons

Join us for our FREE community lessons and practice sessions. These events are designed for new dancers and for those looking to have a great time. Our classes are fun, quick and easy. We are located in the Portand, OR/ Vancouver, WA metropolitan area.

If you are a couple or married, this is a perfect date night. If you are single and looking to meet others or just desiring to engage with friends, this is the ideal social event for you. Come learn lifelong dancing skills, social etiquette, meet new friends, get a fun workout, become part of your community and have a great time.

“I have two left feet”, “I have no rhythm”, “I am not a dancer”, “I don’t have a partner” are some of the many mental roadblocks that get in our way. When you attend our events you will find that you have two perfect feet, great rhythm, and in time you'll also become a skilled social dancer. We have an inclusive culture with dedicated dance hosts to assist you on your journey into the fun world of dance.

Spice up your summer with electrifying salsa! We're back, offering a FREE salsa experience for the entire community. Join us every Thursday from June 1st to August 31st. The time is 7pm-9pm.

Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned dancer, this class is tailor-made for all levels. Learn the fundamental steps, unlock survival skills, and unleash cool moves that'll leave you in awe.

It's not just about the dance; it's about vibrant connections and unforgettable experiences. Meet new friends, enjoy a date night, or break free and have the time of your life.

Join us at Northwest Gospel Church Gym, 305 NE 192nd Ave, Vancouver, WA 98684 “across the street from Costco”. Spread the word and head around the back to the office entrance. Professional instructors, Bradley and Lauren Montoya, will blow you away with talent and infectious energy.

Grab your dancing shoes and get ready for a summer of sizzling salsa. Laugh, learn, and create lasting memories. Dance like nobody's watching—we're bringing the fire to the floor!